There’s a new looker in town, Senõras. Meet Newbie. She’s exuberantly stretchy, she’s protective, she’s got your back (she’s got your front, too). She’s even got a built-in bikini panel - no butt floss, though! - because sometimes we all need a little barrier from the outside world.

This one happens to be antimicrobial, absorbent, and anti-odor to boot.
Newbie encourages independence - From society’s expectations? From your undies? - you tell us. Like the Original, Newbie is cut from premium, organic cotton.She fits like a glove, envelops you in her benevolent, sustainable embrace, and makes sure you are always empowered. Afterall, a woman’s element is wherever she is.

Wear Newbie: Running, kickboxing, cycling, at the roller derby competition you secretly signed up for. Whenever you want to feel liberated, with a smidgen of security.

Things to sweat: Extra calories, toxins, those nacho-fries you succumbed to last night, whether or not you have a crush on Ted from Accounting.
Things never to sweat: The small stuff, whether to wear undies to a workout.